Monday, May 22, 2017

Weekend Whoas

This weekend we enjoyed some one-on-one time with our oldest little cowboy since little brother Kallahan is off on a graduation vacation with his grandparents. On Friday evening Keeler made the remark, "It won't feel like the weekend without Kallahan here." This statement melted my heart. So glad they're best friends. 
So while Kallahan is off getting spoiled, we tried our best to keep Keeler entertained. He was disappointed he didn't get to go on vacation but he's still in school until Wednesday. He had a friend over on Saturday, ate lunch with Granny and then we had some graduation parties in the early evening. 
Congrats grad! We know Shae Higgs will do great things. And you better, our boys look up to you BIG time.

In the evening Keeler & Tyler went out to the farm for chores and ended up riding horses.
Keeler woke up Sunday and asked, "Did I really ride horses yesterday or was that a good dream?!"
Best. Day. Ever. 
Sunday it was raining so Tyler couldn't get in the fields as planned. Keeler and I saw this as a perk for us because we got to spend the day together. We had a fun day at home and then in the evening they decided to go ride again. This time I went out to watch...
and boy I'm glad I did.
Keeler loves horses. He started watching Heartland on Netflix and has been asking to ride for months. It's just hard for Tyler to do with both the boys.
My little cowboy
As we were headed back to the shop, we spotted a double rainbow behind us. It was gorgeous!
We finished off the evening feeding the bucket calves and going out for Chinese. Keeler decided he likes being an only child. We might of made his weekend a little too much fun ;)
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