Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Kallahan's Preschool Graduation

Kallahan is officially a preschool graduate. 
Here's our handsome graduate: barefoot, with one of his cats, acting silly and ready for some root beer. Oh, Kal!
I will forever cherish the moments I got to spend with him while he was just going to preschool. 
Our days were great... reading books, playing dominoes, walking and riding bikes and having him by side to run errands. This boy melts my heart. 

Over the last few months he really has changed. He is ready for "big school" and is excited for his new adventure!
He was so proud walking down to the ceremony.
Kallahan is going to miss his teachers. We've been so blessed with Mrs. Winner & Mrs. Ridder. They provided him with such a great introductory experience for learning. Kallahan was excited for school everyday. 
Here's a little snippet from the program.  What do you think Kals says he wants to be when he grows up?
...big shocker, right?!
My bestie, Natalie, and her little girls came to watch Kallahan. He was so excited to have them attend. Natalie and I secretly hope we get to use photos like this in these kiddo's marriage slideshow someday ;) #wishfulthinking
My baby. Man how time flies.
Kallahan surrounded by his support team. My boys are so lucky - they are so loved. My parents came up for Mother's Day weekend and stayed for the graduation. Granny and Troy also came - this means so much to my boys.
And then it was time to run home and open presents. Mimi & Jimdad couldn't make it up but they sent a great little gift of books and coloring supplies. Everyone stayed for dinner and then the Texas crowd headed back home. Kallahan decided to go down south as well. I guess since he graduated he deserved a little trip to celebrate ;)
After my parents left I went outside and decided to trim my peonies. From the recent snowstorm they bloomed but were laying on the ground so hey, why not trim them and enjoy them in the house? Just the right pick-me-up after all the emotions I am feeling after my baby graduated.
Gorgeous! Have a great week.
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