Monday, November 7, 2011

Too Blessed...

The little cowboys first bath together
Too Blessed to be Stressed! 
This is what I keep telling myself lately when I start focusing on a few things that are causing me worries, like selling our house, buying the new one and work deadlines.  To top it off Kallahan & myself are not feeling well.  We both went to the doctor today.  I got antibiotics for my sore throat and the doctor instructed us to keep draining Kal’s nose and continue breast milk so that he will get antibodies to fight the same infection that we apparently have caught.  Today the littlist cowboy is 7 weeks.  At the doctor he weighed in at 10lbs 10ozs – Big Boy!! 

Keeler seems to feel good, I just hope he stays well.  He has been such a little character lately.  He got to help brand cows with his daddy this weekend.  He loved it!  Kal and I sat in the car while he worked since it was windy and chilly.  When Keeler was done, he got back in the car with us.  On the way home (dirt on his face and all strapped in his carseat) he informed me (in his deep man voice), “you have to be tough like me and daddy to work cattle.”  I just love this little cowboy. 
Funny story to document:  Keeler has recently seemed interested in figuring out who belongs to who… For example:  He started quizzing me one evening, “Mommy, who are granny’s grandsons?”  I responded, “you are her grandson, daddy is her grandson….  well, actually you are her great grandson.”  His response, “Who is her bad one?” 
“A good memory is one that can remember the day’s blessing and forget the day’s troubles.”- unknown

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