Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy 2 Months!

Height:  21.65" (10%)
Weight:  11lbs 14oz (50%)
Keeler @ 2mos Height: 22" (50%) & Weight: 11lbs 8oz (50%)

Dear Kallahan – You are two months old!
We can’t believe how fast two months has flown by.  You are such a little sweetheart and great addition to our family.  I am beginning to forget life without you.  You are smiling and love to be held and talked to.  Daddy has even made you giggle a couple times.  You are the perfect baby during the daytime but as soon as the sun goes down you get pretty whinny.  We did start giving you Gripe Water per suggestion of a good friend, thanks Mandy!  It has seemed to help soothe you some.  At night you are on a pretty routine schedule (waking up at 1am & 5am for feedings).  It is so cute how you start kicking your little legs when you know the bottle is coming.  We love you Kallahan and can’t wait to spend the holidays together.  Tomorrow we head out to spend Thanksgiving with both sets of grandparents.
Love Always,
Still trying to get a good brother picture, still no such luck!

“A grateful heart is a joyful heart.”
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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