Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy 4 Months!

Height:  24" (20%)
Weight:  14lbs 10oz (35%)
Keeler @ 4mos Height: 25" (50%) & Weight: 13lbs 12oz (25%)

Dear Kallahan – You are four months old!
I want you to know that you are an absolute blessing in our lives.  You are such a happy and easy going little cowboy.  You make my heart simply melt every time you smile at me.  This month you started rolling over, which means we have to watch where we lay you down.  You are starting to reach for objects and have attempted to hold your own bottle, such a little helper.  I asked Daddy what he wanted to let you know and he says you started the month off sleeping well and ended it pretty bad cowboy.  The past couple of nights you have been hard to put down but I still think you’re doing pretty good.  Daddy also said, “we all thought you were a BIG boy and it turns out you’re not as big as we thought.”  You are quite the little babbler and love to watch your big brother.  Today you had your 4 month immunizations and did very good.  I took the afternoon off to be with you and you have slept most the day.  I LOVE watching you sleep my sweet angel baby.
Love Always,

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.~ Psalm 127:3

A few of you have mentioned that you would like me to post more pictures of the house.  So…. I have posted a house tour on my new Google+ account.  We didn’t post everything because Tyler said I need to leave some stuff out so everyone still wants to come visit.  Hope you enjoy!

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