Thursday, March 15, 2012

Parent/Teacher Conference #1

Last night Tyler and I attended our first ever parent/teacher conference.  I was excited and nervous about going for the fact that it was something new.  It was another milestone in this whole child-rearing business.  This  was just the first of many but it solidified the fact that our little cowboy is growing up.  
Keeler enjoys going to school and I hope he always enjoys going.  He has a great teacher.  She is somewhat reserved and quiet but she is so good with the kids,  One of my girlfriends referred to her as "the child whisperer" which I thought was fitting.  She was very complementary of our little guy.  She said that the purpose of the 3&4 year old class is basically social development.  She mentioned that she was concerned with Keeler initially when he was always asking, “Mrs. Winner, Mrs. Winner  play with me.” But she said he has made great improvements by immediately going off to play with the other children now.  This made me proud that he has been able to learn to socialize with his peers.  She said that he is very adaptable, where most of the kids struggle and he is a rule followers.  This was also good to know since we struggle at home with following directions.  Keeler can say his alphabet, recognize his name and count to 11. 
His only struggle mentioned was his method of pencil holding.  He holds his pencil with the palm of his hand and does not pinch the end of the pencil.  She said this was typical with age and will improve as his hands strengthen.  She suggested having him work with tweezers to learn the pinching motion.  On the report that we were given she said that he “listens very well and has great manners!” - This is one proud mommy!

  He knows the name and appropriate color of all the test objects.
Should I admit that this nearly made me cry?!

All the colors correct but green! - Silly boy

 Keeler is one of the younger students in his class but he is going to advance to the 4&5 year old class in the fall.  We feel very fortunate that we got in the program as only half the students get to attend the class due to enrollment rules.  Sorry if I sound like a bragging pageant mom but I wanted to document this event because it is something that I will want to look back on.  


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