Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Whoas - in pictures

My little cowboys and I were not feeling 100% this weekend so we kept it pretty low key.   We have been fighting a nasty cough and cold but since the weather was honestly perfect we managed to get out and enjoy it.  We worked in the yard, someone managed to play in the water, against his daddy's wishes & went to the park... 
Our little yard work helper.
Eating some cereal
 Sampling daddy's smoked chicken - "that's the best I ever tasted!"
 Who needs a double stroller when you have a wagon & a Bumbo?!
 I LOVE how Kal admires his big bro!
 Swinging with Daddy
 Loving these chubby baby feet :)
Teeter-totter with Mommy
 We went on a looong scenic drive while the little cowboys napped after the park.
Silence, ahhhh........
Then Kal went on his first horse ride (with a little boost, ha!) when we got home from eating dinner with the neighbors.  
I take Kal to his 6 month checkup tomorrow.  Stay tuned for his progress!


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