Tuesday, February 5, 2013

16 Months

Kallahan - 16 Months
My baby cowboy turned 16 months at the end of January.  
By 16 months he is off the paci, not taking a bottle but still not talking much at all.  
His vocabulary consists of about five words {woof woof, da, maaama, hi & boo}  
He grunts A LOT, communicates with brilliant facial expressions and leads us to what he wants.  I'm sure all this contributes to why he is not talking - why would he need to, ha!  Talking will come but it's amazing how different our two cowboys have been.  One slow to talk / fast to walk and the other slow to walk / fast to talk.  
I tried to do a post closer to the 16 month date but all the pictures I got of him he just looked terribly sick since he had the flu so I decided to wait.  Then this weekend we were so busy with keeping the little cowboys busy I failed again.  So I asked Kal if he would do a  guest post so we could remember exactly how he was at 16 months.  
He was very eager to help!
My brother had a playdate Saturday.  I loved playing with them.  We had a fun game going:  they would build fence get them all lined up with cows and horses and then I would come in and knock it all down - so they could build it again.  Then for some reason they locked me out of the playroom.  It was so mean and then Mommy made me take a nap.  I hate naps.  
 On Sunday we went out to the farm.  Brother got to ride in the feed-truck with Daddy.  I had to stay in the car with Mommy.  I was so mad.  But Mommy was nice and drove me over to look at the horses.  I love horses and my Mommy.  
Then we went into the city to shop but first we ate a restaurant.  I don't get to eat out much so this was a nice treat.  I worked really hard at not screaming and stayed in my highchair.  I got to share steak with Daddy.  It was soooo good.  Mommy gave me a high five when we left.  
Then we went to this big store where their shopping carts were race cars.  This was the best!  Everyone should have race car carts!  Mommy was really happy because Daddy and her bought new lights for the house. 
When we got home Daddy put up the new lights and I tried to help but he said he didn't need my help.  My Daddy is so independent sometimes.  
Mommy took brother and me down to the basement to play.  When we came upstairs we saw one of the new lights.  I love it!  I keep pointing at it to tell Daddy he did a good job.  After dinner, under our new light, Mommy took me straight to the bath.  She always does this and tells me how messy I am.  I just love to eat!  I always get my own bib before dinner and help push my chair to the table.    
After my bath, Daddy got me dressed in my pajamas.  Then I went looking for Brother.  I found him taking his bath.  I love to take baths with him so I decided to get in!
After I got in I realized I had my pajamas on!  Whoops.  
Mommy and Daddy didn't look too happy but boy was I clean.  On Sunday night I didn't sleep too well.  I kept waking up and screaming.  I ended up sleeping in that big bed that's in my room.  
Well, last night Mommy and Daddy tried to put me in that bed again.  I woke up and was scared.  Mommy rocked me and put me back in my crib.  Awww, it felt so cozy.  Why do they keep trying to get me to grow up so fast?  I like my crib...I think I'll stay there for awhile.  Hope you have a good day.  By the way, happy birthday Grandma Kak.  I hope to see you very soon.
Sincerely yours,  
And I know you're asking, "how did he do a guest post when he can't even talk?"  
Well I can type people.  Yes, my computer skills are out of this world!



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