Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Bryon!

How was your weekend?  
About 6 hours of ours looked something like this:
This little cowboy is not into road-trips.   
At least when we arrived we quickly discovered that it was all worth it!  On Friday afternoon we had a great dinner with my parents and sister's family.  Then us girls went on a quick shopping adventure.
On Saturday morning, my sister had a tennis lesson so my mom and I watched my niece and nephew. 
 Jacey and I played beauty shop.  I just love this little girl.  It's so fun do hair and talk clothes :)
After a crazy lunch at Chick-fil-A we headed to our nephew, Bryon's 4th birthday party!!  
His parents threw him the coolest Rocket Party.
I apologize that I only got pictures with my phone since they're so blurry but seriously this party was too cute.  They made all the kids jet packs, served rocket pops (a.k.a bomb pops) and had lots of cute decorations.  All the kids had a blast.  Like every party - we had A LOT of little boys running around!
On Sunday, we got to visit with some of our little friends.  It just so happened that our friends that recently moved back to Texas from Minnesota were in town so we got see this big guy!  Henry and Kal still don't quite know what to think of one another but at least Henry wasn't scared of Kal  - making progress.  If these two are anything like their dad's they will be the best of friends.  
Then this cute little lady asked Kal on a lunch date!
We closed the trip with a nice lunch with the Smiths and the O'Rears.  It was hard to visit much between these two busybodies but it's always nice to see everyone - especially the O'Rears sweet baby Grady.  
We headed home right after lunch to beat the predicted "blizzard."  Come to find out Amarillo ended up with OUR blizzard and we are just getting wind.  I'm disappointed since we really could use the moisture but relieved we are safe.  Stay warm in Texas everyone!!
This is my sister's yard this morning.  
Per the National Weather Service, Amarillo is now at 17" - the second highest 24hr snowfall in Amarillo's history!
 I hope you are enjoying all that snow kiddo!  I can't believe you are already 4-years-old.  You have a big year ahead of you - becoming a big brother and all.  We know you're going to be a great big brother!  You have a the biggest smile and happiest little demeanor.  You are already such an athlete - we can't wait to see you again soon. 

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