Monday, February 4, 2013

All Shook Up!

This weekend was our local Chamber's Annual Banquet.  Part of my job is to decorate a table for our company.  This is always one of the most fun events as I love party planning and decorating.  This year's theme is "All Shook Up."
Of course I started hunting on Pinterest for ideas and created a board.  
What did we do before Pinterest?
I purchased most the decor at different party stores in Texas.  My mom is always great help and goes around shopping with me!  My boss' wife embroidered our chair covers and we get to reuse them each year.  We added the pink scarfs with iron-on poodles this year to embrace the 1950s.    
Each guest at your table gets a take home gift.  I purchased the pink Cadillacs off Etsy.  Source
We filled the Cadillacs with Elvis' favorites: Pepsi, donuts, etc...  We also included a gift certificate to American Implement in a "Thank you, thank you very much" card.
I took these pictures before all the other tables were decorated but we ended up with some great tables.  A local bank took the coveted table topper award for the best table - I'm not going to lie I was a bit depressed on Saturday evening.  Our's was great but that gives you an idea of the competition! :)
I picked up Keeler early from his Granny's so he could come help us decorate.  He loved it!  He decorated this pole while were where there.  Then we un-decorated it, ha!
As promised, I said I was going to blog about my "Best Shape by 30" Goal.  
This past week = Epic Failure.  
Not only could I not keep out of the Girl Scout cookies I failed miserably at running.  Late last week I started having pain after running in my upper thigh.  It was affecting most my daily movements and I was getting very stiff.  Worst of all, I was limping around like a 30 90 year old.  I decided to rest on Wednesday thinking I'd be back good to go on Thursday.  When I got on the treadmill  on Thursday my body was yelling at me, "You can't run!"  I listened and stuck to walking.  Then reached out to my running friends for advice and they also suggested resting or biking.  I was told I might have a weak glute?  I got out Saturday and managed to wog a few miles with little pain afterwards.  Sunday was family day.  I really needed a day with my cowboys and didn't want to think about training.  I'll do a Sunday recap post soon - we had one of the best days!  
The main thing I want to stress is I am not giving up on my goal.  My body is feeling better so we'll see where this week takes us.
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Sweet baby #2 is coming very soon!!

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    1. Thanks Elenie! It's always so much fun :)

  2. WOW! Kelley you need to start a party planning business and also take the photos of the party if they want. You are TERRIFIC.

  3. Definitely take it easy if you are having pain while running. I know part of it is the pregnancy, but I think I pushed a little too hard when I was having pain in my hip flexor, and it caused me to have to take too long of a break. Take care of your body! And uh Girl Scout cookies? Get me every time.

    1. One of my friends also thought it might be my hip flexor - based on my descriptions. I might have to read up on it.

  4. For a second, I thought you're having another baby! Then I read it again and got it! Hahaha...I agree with Mom, you should start a party planning business. I'm so in love with this decoration!

  5. In my opinion you should have won! It looks great. Samantha

  6. When do you turn 30? I turned 30 at the end of November. I had the same be my in my best shape. And I made it :) You'll get there! Stopping by from the link up!

    1. I turn 30 at the end of March. Time is flying! Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Kelly...that table is AMAZING!!!!! Seriously. I need to pin it just to remember it :-) Awesome job. And don't beat yourself up about not having the best fitness week. Girl Scout cookies are the DEVIL!!! I could seriously eat 3 boxes of tagalongs myself. Plus, you were injured and whenever you feel down in the dumps about something like that it makes everything else a little harder. But you seem super motivated girlfriend and I am excited to follow along! Thanks for linking up and joining the group!!