Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Independence Day

I hope that your day was filled with happiness and you created some wonderful memories.  
We sure did!  I love this holiday!  
 We spent the day with family remembering our many blessings.
 "Happy Birthday, America!"
Our house is perfectly located for not only setting off fireworks  but for watching the local display.  A lot of Tyler's family came over and we had a fun house party.  We spent the afternoon baking & swimming and then the pyro's (all the men in the family/neighborhood) had their fun!
 Our nephew Bryon is in town and this kid is in heaven!  He loves being outside playing.  They have had so much cruising in the Gator and of course watching setting off fireworks.  It was so fun to watch all the guys turn into little kids with the fireworks.  What is it with men and fire?! 
 Kallahan also loved the holiday.  He loves having extra family around and soaks up all the attention.  He wasn't scared of the fireworks but just wanted to be held.  This mommy is okay with that :) 
*Check out his new smiley face - he's really started wrinkling his nose when he smiles and it's just the cutest!
 ...and if he wasn't being held he was admiring his new cousin, Brody.
This is Brody's first trip to Kansas.  And of course he's loving it too! :)
He is seriously the best little baby.  
 Us girls made up some yummy festive sweets while the boys grilled and fried.
My vision was to have the little boys partake - that lasted about 2 minutes.
 Now this is a happy plate!
Luckily Tyler's mom and sister with her two boys will be in town over the weekend. 
We're looking forward to a lot more fun times!  

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