Friday, July 26, 2013

High Five for Friday {Quick Recap}

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I have a long list of posts that need to go up...and they will get posted eventually but I decided it would best to do a quick High Five post to let you know what we've been up to. We've had a lot things keeping us busy and with a big merger at work blogging has taken a back burner. Being on the computer is the last thing I want to do in the evenings.  
Here's a short recap:
 1// High Five, Keeler participated in the open class pee-wee showing at the local fair. His friend Neal and him went out together. It was so cute and they both did great. Keeler hasn't stopped talking about it. Three more years and he'll be old enough to join 4H.
2// High Five for partying like a 5 year old!  Keeler's water park party was last Friday. His party was pretty much all family. It was nice to spend the day with everyone.
 3// High Five for the county fair. This year both the little cowboys LOVED the fair. We did the turtle races, ate yummy fair food, rode carnival rides and even participated in the mutton bustin' (video coming soon!).
4// High Five for one more birthday party. Birthday celebrations last an entire week around here! On Keeler's actual birthday {Tuesday} we threw him a little house party. Our neighbors and his best friend from school came over. We had pizza and went swimming.
 5// High Five for FIVE-years-old! This little cowboy melts my heart. I love watching him grow. He has the biggest heart and most inquisitive personality. The kid seriously asks about 1,500 questions daily. It drives us all crazy but I'm so glad he has the desire to learn.

-----and just for the record, this is my first official post in my new glasses.
I finally went to the eye doctor. It was about 8 years overdue. Keeler helped me pick out my frames. We told the lady that I needed a "cool pair." Whatcha think, cool? They're for working on the computer, driving and whenever I need images to be more crisp. I left the office with 20/16 vision - high five!
Have a great weekend. I know we will have another fun-filled one because the Smith family is headed up for the weekend!

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