Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekend Whoas!

Just a little weekend recap:
My weekend started on Wednesday afternoon.  Now I could do this every week!  I took Thursday and Friday off to stay at home with the little cowboys to relieve some stress off Granny.  Tyler's cousin got married this weekend and we all know the amount of work and stress that goes into a wedding.  We wanted her to enjoy herself and not have to worry about two little crazies running around.  
 I loved every minute with my little crazies cowboys and we had a great "stay-cation."  The weather has been fabulous   We're still getting rain and the temps have been so much cooler.  On Thursday we spent most the day outside.  We cleaned out the garage and played in the yard.  When Tyler got home in the evening we mowed the lawn.    

Friday seemed to fly by.  Keeler was the ring bearer in Heather's wedding so we had rehearsal in the afternoon.  My parents and Tyler's family all arrived in the evening.  Again, we spent the evening outside playing in the yard.

Saturday all the men got up and went golfing.  My mom and I took our time getting around and then went shopping in town.  After shopping we took the little cowboys for a picnic lunch at the park.  We had to be at the church for family pictures at 2 o'clock so I put the little cowboys down for a nap right after lunch.    
Look at me and my sexy cowboy!  I am so glad my parents were able to come for the weekend.  Kal was still napping when it was time for pictures so they stayed at the house with him and then brought him to the wedding.  
Keeler and his cousin Bryon made the cutest cowboy ring-bearers EVER.
We had a blast at the wedding reception.  Heather and Paul (Bride & Groom) actually met while working with me.  So it was great to see coworkers from other locations that I don't get to see often enough.  It was great to catch up!  It was also great to dance the night away with my favorite father-in-law! Shout out to Jimdad - my dancing sole mate :)

On Sunday, I had the privilege of taking engagement pictures for my brother-in-law and his fiancé.  I've only had a chance to edit a few but I am so excited to finish because we ended up with some darling shots. We are so happy for this couple!  

The rest of the day was pretty low key.  The little cowboys took naps, I caught up on housework and then we finished the weekend off with a picnic {we love our new table grandma Kak!}.  We also enjoyed our first watermelon from our garden.  


  1. Your boys are growing up so fast!!!

    1. I know! I wish I could freeze time :(

  2. I love your outfit for the wedding. Super cute!! Your guys are all so cute. I forgot what you said you do for work? Teacher?

    1. Thanks! No, I'm a marketing director for a John Deere dealership.