Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tim and Erica's Engagement Photos

Tyler's brother, Tim, is getting married in May!  The last time they came to Kansas they asked if I would do their engagement photos.  This is now my third family engagement session and nothing has changed - I was still excited and scared to capture such a momentous occasion.  We ended up having such a fun time and a special thanks goes out to my wonderful mom for being the best assistant :)
Erica and I went through the pictures before they headed back to Texas and we ended up with 40, yes 40 amazing poses.  I keep telling people, my photos turn out great because all the beautiful people I am privileged to photograph.  
We coined this one ^ their future "first couple" pose or the couple that sleeps in twin beds ;)  
Congratulations Tim and Erica…we are so happy for you!!
I hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing labor day weekend.  We're having a great time soaking up the last few days of summer with family.  

P.S. Tuesday is Keeler's first day {of his last year} of preschool.  You know there's a post pending after I send him off and dry up some tears.  

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