Friday, August 23, 2013

Show Us Your Life: Online Shopping

Linking up with Kelly's Korner for Show Us Your Life:  Favorite Shops Online.
I may have bent the rules because I am not a boutique shopper but more about a great bargain.
Living in a rural community basically in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of everywhere {depending if you want to see your glass half full and drive 3+ hours} I have become accustomed to online shopping.  I tend to shop more for the little cowboys online because sizes are easier to figure out and obviously they aren't too particular.  For myself,  I have to try things on so old fashion shopping is more my style.  And of course I need my mom and sister by my side to make sound decisions :)    

My number one stop for the little cowboys is always Kohl's.  They by far have the best deals online.  I have a Kohl's card for their discounts {husband's rolling his eyes now, ha!}.  Often I get a 20-30% off coupon on top of their low prices.  I love Carter's and Chap's clothing.  They both wash well and most of Keeler's clothes still look great on Kal several years later.  Below is a sample of some great bargains I recently scored for the little cowboys back to school shopping.  We pretty much wear t-shirts and polos with jeans everyday.  I'll touch on jeans in a bit!

1//  Carter's "Boy Genius" Tee $16.00 $5.76
2//  Mock Layer Monkey Tee $14.00 $4.39
3//  Chaps Striped Polo $26.00 $8.32
4//  Mock-Layer Football Tee  $18.00 $5.76
5&6// Chaps Colorblock Polo $26.00 $8.32
7// Carter's "Number 1" Tee $16.00 $5.76
8//  "Super Fast Racer" Tee $14.00 $4.39
Can you believe these prices?  The prices might vary as some were the door-buster deal on Wednesday with my 20% off coupon but defiantly worth looking into!
Oh, and that's not all.  For every $50 you spend you get $10 Kohl's cash.  
Makes for a great excuse to go shopping for myself {for free}!

My second favorite online store for the little cowboys is Gap and Old Navy.  I LOVE that these two stores are linked together.

1// Gap has always been my go-to for jeans.  For one they offer an adjustable waists which is a must for my little skinny boys and they wash/wear so well.  I buy 3-4 pairs each fall and we are good to go for the year!  Right now 1969 jeans are 30% off thru Saturday!
2// Gap Socks!  My boys are rough on socks.  I guess between wearing them outside and in cowboy boots most the time it's a hard life.  I have found that Gap offers the most durable {and cutest} socks.
3//  This post would not be complete without mention of Keeler's most loved staple:  Pocket Tees.  This summer the kid has insisted on wearing a solid color shirt with a pocket almost everyday - just like dad.  My mom found these at Old Navy and since I've ordered him more.
Family Date Night Attire:  Pocket Tee!

Here's a list of my other top online shops in general:
//  For Gifts:  Etsy  //
I love the variety and idea of homemade gifts.  I've done embroidered baby items and personalized jewelry to name a few.
//  Daily Deals:  Zulily  //
Each day it's something different.  I've ordered a few house items, kids pajamas and shoes for myself - all at great discounted prices.  It's really just fun to see what they have to offer each day.
//  Latest Obsession:  H&M  //
My friend, Kristin, introduced me to H&M years ago in Vegas and then again in Minnosota.  They offer cute and affordable clothes for us and kids.  It's a different style and you have to search to find your style but the items I have picked up are great quality.  We never had one even remotely close nor did they have an online store so I really just never thought about them.  However, just this month they opened up an online store and I'm super excited!

Thanks for stopping by. I can't wait to browse Kelly's Show Us Life to see where everyone else is shopping!  



  1. Online shopping is lifesaver! Lol! Zulily is one of my favorite.

    1. I use the app and just have to scroll thru daily - I might miss something. I picked up my niece some great Christmas presents today!

  2. Shopping here on the prairie can be a tad tough. :-) you always look so put together!!

    1. Awwww, thanks Yolanda! We had such a good lunch today. I needed some girl talk. Good luck with your 20 tomorrow!

  3. You have the cutest blog! I just subscribed. I'm glad I found you through kelly's korner today.

  4. Oh I love love online shopping too. Yes, Kohl's! The Vera Wang jammies are so awesome. Etsy too ~ I buy lots from there. We here in Western Kansas NEED online shopping ~ otherwise choices are very limited.

    1. Oh I love Vera Wang handbags! I'll have to check out the jammies :)

  5. When I linked to Kelly's Korner I felt a little boring posting about my favorite online shopping: Amazon and Zulily --so mainstream. (I forgot Kohls. It is another favorite). But I can always find the best deals. So, I completely understand! Love your post and blog!

  6. Love you picks - all adorable! Love old navy and gap for my son too. Always forget about H&M - must go look :)