Friday, October 18, 2013

High Five for Friday!

Hooray it's Friday!!
1//  Pardon the wrinkled undershirt but high five for sweaters, boots and a little turquoise.

2//  High five for God giving my precious little cowboys the best father and me the best husband.  It's the little things he does like reading to the boys before bed, making them laugh in the bathtub and always putting his dishes in the dishwasher that makes him absolutely the best in my world.  

 3//  I survived my first week with my new "dual role" at work - high five!  In addition to my marketing director role on a corporate level for now 14 locations I've been appointed store lead of my hometown dealership.  We have a new location manager that is overseeing two locations so it'll just take some stuff off his plate.  It's really not much different than I've always done I'm just getting acknowledged for it.  I don't blog about work much but I love my job and work with some pretty amazing people - but don't tell 'em I said that :)

 4//  Keeler stayed the night with his Granny last night - totally his idea just because.  He doesn't have school on Friday so we let him and he had a great time.  At home Kal didn't know quite how to be an only child but it was fun to have some one-on-one time.  

5//  High five for snow!  Yes, it snowed this morning.  It's unseasonably early but that made it pretty exciting.  We need the moisture. 

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend.  We plan on staying in our pajamas, sipping hot cocoa and just maybe doing some baking.  Who am I kidding?  We'll probably go to the store and buy something yummy {in our pajamas}. 


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