Sunday, October 6, 2013

The "Surprise!"

 We've started the little cowboys their own little cow herd.  Tyler's wanted to do so for awhile and recently an opportunity arose for Tyler to go ahead and purchase three cows - and two were expecting.  So this week Tyler was excited to tell the boys he had a "surprise" for them at the farm.  We got up Saturday and all headed out to the farm.  
First we stopped off at a corn field to pick the cows some corn.
Then we headed over to the feedlot to see the "surprise."
I told Tyler this ^ needs to be his business Christmas card.  A little shameless marketing #always!
Keeler was so excited to see the baby!  It was a precious moment to watch my cowboys in their element.
"It's a girl!"  - announced the proud owner!


  1. Kelley ~ that is wonderful the little cowboys have their own cow herd. Teaching them responsibility and all yet making it FUN. Keep up the good parenting.

    1. Funny that you say that, that's what we've told Keeler and it's so cute when he talks about "his responsibility."

  2. My heart be still, I love these photos!! Kelley, what is your email address? I had a question for you. Thanks so much xo Kristen O.