Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kallahan's 2nd Birthday Party!

We hosted Kallahan's 2nd birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.  Since his party would be pretty much family I thought, why not take the party to them!  It ended up working out perfectly.
Kallahan LOVED all the games!  His cousin Jacey was so good with him.  She made sure he got to ride everything.
We were blessed with such a great turn out!  In addition to all Kal's cousins, our friends the O'Rears brought their sweet baby Grady.  And another great surprise was my bestie from high school / college was in town and brought all her precious nieces to the party.  It was wonderful to see everyone!
and when you're 2 - you might EAT your CANDLE! opps...
I think everyone had a great time!  The kids loaded up on tickets and cashed out on a lot of junk prizes!
What a great looking group of kiddos!  Thanks again to everyone that helped us celebrate our sweet boy's special day!  Happy Birthday Kallahan :)


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  1. Happy birthday Kal!! Mom and Dad, you look like rock stars! :-)