Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lately and Valentine Recap

Lately::  I've been a blogger slacker.  I have only been taking pictures with my iPhone and then I'm disappointed in the quality.  Will I ever learn?  But it's so easy to just grab my phone.  On the bright side, more pictures with my iPhone means more Instagramming, follow me here.  I'm officially becoming an "over-grammer."  Thanks for the coined term Andrea!  Any who, I wanted to catch you #noninstagramers up (a.k.a: my mom, ha!) 
Valentine's Day was a whirlwind.  I got up, worked out with my sweet neighbor (we made a full week...woohoo!), went to a 7am board meeting, worked all day in my festive outfit...
 decorated an awesome banquet table (post to come soon) and gave the little cowboys their Valentine present (these sleeping bags I ordered off Zulily.  They LOVE them!).
After a little down time, we had the little cowboys open their Valentines they received in the mail from family.  They were so excited over all the mail!  My mom sent them these cute shirts.  Aren't they great?!
"Tough like Dad but Smart like Mom"  
Of course I made them change right into them and  then we ventured over to my friend Natalie's house for dinner.  Natalie has two little girls so it made for a perfect "double date" for the little cowboys!  See the little baby girl on the floor ;)  Kal wanted her to sit with them.
 Contrary to their little faces in this picture, they had a blast!  Natalie made a delicious meal of homemade ravioli, strawberry salad and homemade bread.  It was out of this world good! She made the dough for her raviolis, who does that?!  She is putting me to shame.  The extent of my "cooking" over the holiday was making chocolate covered strawberries.  Yes, we're going to call that cooking.  
We delivered our strawberries to a few friends and at home the little cowboys were eating them up as fast as I could make them!  I added a little V-day flare by poking them with stripe straws (which made for easier two-year-old eating) and pink sprinkles.  
Tyler and I don't do gifts, we just aren't big on gifts.  However, we had a nice evening out on Saturday.  We attended the annual Chamber Banquet and then went and had a few drinks with friends afterwards.  I'm not big on Valentines, never have been but it was fun with the little cowboys.  It's nice to have a special day to emphasize how much we love them.  
I'll always love my little cowboys.  I love every single thing about them both.  I love Keeler's strong desire to be just like his daddy.  I love his million+ questions and his big blue eyes.  I love that Kallahan is a momma's boy.  I love that he can't stop gibbering while watching TV.  I love that he insists on keeping his jacket on in the evenings --- a little weird, but I love it!  (We'll ignore the fact that he may or may not be picking his nose in the pic above.)
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  1. Awww, I love those little cowboys too. Happy belated Valentines Day! - Jill