Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Midweek Ramblings

Nothing too exciting going on in our world, just the way I like it.
Work has settled down for the week so I'm getting caught up - finally.  Unfortunately, over the weekend the little cowboys and I have managed to catch colds so we're trying to take it easy so we're ready to PARTY this weekend.  We have a special five-year-old birthday party to attend ;) #partylikerockstars
I think Tyler must think the theory about "feed a cold, starve a fever" is true because last night with dinner he made me a Bloody Mary cocktail and also made dessert - HUGE Rhodes cinnamon rolls.  He's so good to us!  While I sipped my cocktail and Tyler cooked (yes, I'm seriously spoiled) I got to love on my little cowboys.  I thought it was funny that as we rushed to get ready in the morning I dressed Kal and myself in matching shirts and didn't even realize until in the evening.   
My baby boy is really turning into an ornery little boy!  The "why's" have started
 "Kallahan don't jump off the bed!" - "Why?"  "Because you'll get hurt." - "Why?"
"Kallahan you can't have Koolaid at bedtime." - "Why?"
...the list goes on and on.
He's always thinking about his brother.  Anything I give him he thinks he needs two.  I'll give him a drink and then he just says, "Kee?"  I hope he always thinks to share with his brother.  
Since he started sleeping in his big boy bed he's become an early riser, like his big brother.  However, he gets up even earlier!  I use to be able to get myself ready before Keeler woke up (6:30ish) but not anymore.  Kallahan is up by 6am and ready to help mommy with make-up and hair.  Oh boy!
He's into making silly faces now and rarely smiles for the camera.  This is all I could get out of him last weekend, what the heck kid?  By the way, he needs a haircut really badly.  Grandma Kak, get the Flowbee ready!

Keeler picked out some new boots this weekend but they didn't have his size in-store so we had to order them.  About every hour he's been asking when they're going to arrive.  He's hoping he has them in time to wear to the birthday party this weekend.  We're keeping our fingers crossed.
I'm sure I've shared it before but this kid is really into farmer fashion.  This is his "ideal look" above - John Deere cap (like dad), solid color pocket-tee (like dad), Wrangler jeans (like dad), leather belt (like dad), cowboy boots (like dad) and to top it off you've gotta have a leather plier holster (with "real pliers") on the belt.  Tyler mentioned the other day, "I think number one is starting to go through that "awkward stage" or maybe number two is getting cuter."  Really?!  I had to laugh and replied - "no, I think it's because I still get to dress number two and number one looks like a dirty hired man most days - and you're to thank."  The kid has a closet FULL of nice clothes but refuses to wear any of it!  Oh well, whatever makes him happiest ;)
What else have we been up to?
On Saturday, Keeler asked me to download him some new farm games on the iPad.  He thought he needed to add to his collection.  Seriously, we have about 163 farm/cowboy games!  But we "REALLY" needed one more - we ended up with Hay Day.  Typically I download, put in the password, hand back the iPad and say "have fun kiddo!"  But Keeler came back and said he needed help because "you have to read, mom."  And that's where it all went downhill folks.  (For the record, I'm NOT a gamer - I NEVER have been.  My sister loved Tetris, Mario Bros and still plays Candy Crush - they always just pissed me off.  I wasn’t ever going to be one of “those” people.  The ones that play farmville, castleville and other “ville” games on Facebook.  I’ll admit it.  I judged.) But… this game sucked me in!  I don’t know what it is either.  There is NO skill involved.  You simply plant crops, harvest crops, sell crops and buy crops to keep your animals alive and to fill orders for your farm.  I know, sounds silly but I want more fields, more crops, more animals.  I want to decorate my farm.  I want the BEST farm!  Since we started playing I’ve been consumed.  I plant crops, go quickly fold laundry, clean the kitchen, etc... (while my crops grow), harvest crops, sell crops, repeat… As you stage up you get to “add to your farm.”  That’s where Keeler comes in.  He LOVES adding to the farm.  So every night since Saturday I’ve been staying up late farming and then when Keeler gets up we improve our farm.  We’re at level 16 and just got to add sheep.  Oh the thrill folks!  I seriously need help, maybe an intervention.  On Sunday, I asked Tyler to fill in for me while I got ready.  He was so confused and messed up my farm by selling the wrong crops and pricing things too high.  He admitted to being a bad farm manager.  Hmmm…  
Anyone one else play this game?  I need a support group.
My new addiction may be contributing to Kallahan's new maturity boost.  Mom's "farming" - guess I'll have to get my own darn drink.  Help me!  
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  1. Sounds like our house! Would be nice to have the boy clean up in nonfarm attire without the fight from time to time.