Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hello February!

First things first, "happy birthday" to my sweet mom!  I hate that we weren't with her on her birthday but she said she had a great birthday just spending the weekend with my dad.  We have officially booked an upcoming trip to Vegas so we're going to make up for it, Big Time!
On Saturday, while I was getting ready, I told the little cowboys that it was the first day of February so I needed to wear pink to celebrate the month of Valentines and love.  Keeler immediately said he wanted to wear pink too, his wedding shirt.  
I love these two more than words can ever express.
In the afternoon we headed over to the city to do some grocery shopping.  Walmart is always an adventure and seems to bring the worst out of us all, especially on a busy Saturday.  I might even be guilty of melting down more than the littles.  Any who, we told the little cowboys if they behaved they could visit the arcade after we finished shopping... worked like a charm (this time) ;)
Oh my, we they had fun, I had anxiety, we all sanitized and then headed to Sam's Club.
Again, it was all about getting in and out meltdown free so while daddy shopped we hung out by the iPads.  
Oh, and how can I forget the most important part?!  We filled up on samples.  Keeler made certain we stopped by each station.
Once we got home we surprised Keeler with a mini iPad that Tyler had "secretly" purchased at Sam's.  We gave it to him as an early Valentine's present and because he's doing so well in school.
We also plan on using it as a rewards/discipline tool.  Ex:  He misbehaves at his Granny's then he loses iPad privileges. 
Keeler and I quickly figured out how to use the FaceTime and called my cousin Ashley. 
Luckily little Sterling was awake and we got to see his sweet face.  He's getting so big!
The rest of the weekend was pretty typical.  The little cowboys played and we then we built a tent in Keeler's room.  They took in all kinds of toys, snacks and a movie.
Kal might of lived in there if we'd allowed it ;)
On Sunday we watched the Super Bowl.
Well, these three played on their iPads and DVD players and I watched the halftime show.  I've heard it wasn't a very good game, ha!
During the game Tyler's cousin, Tolan, and his wife came over and picked up Kallahan's crib.  They are expecting a baby in May so it worked out perfectly that we had someone to pass it down to.  I hated to see it go, after all we've had a crib up in our house for over five years, but glad they will be able to use it. 
I wondered how Kallahan would react once it was gone.  I told him that Tolan and Brittney were coming to pick it up for their baby and we needed his help getting it out of his room.  He pouted a second and then quickly ran to the kitchen, got out the hole punch (his tool?) to help Tyler.  While he was taking his bath I moved in a little table and some toys and he was tickled with the new addition to his room.   

Andrea and Erica are hosting another daily Instragram challenge for February. 
Since it was so fun in January I decided to participate again in February, you should too! 
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