Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Preschool Graduation (round one)

Keeler is officially a preschool graduate!  
Well, that is until he starts preschool again in the fall.  
He's been attending a local Christian preschool program for the past two years.  We love it!  His teacher is amazing with the kids and he's done so well.
Last year he went twice a week in the mornings and then this year he attended the 4-5 year old class in the afternoon Monday-Thursday.  We were considering sending him onto kindergarten in the fall with the rest of his class but after parent/teacher conferences this spring we all decided it would best to have him go one more year through the 4-5 year old program.  His teacher was once again amazing and agreed to hold his spot if this was our decision.  Only 12 students in our community get into this program (first come, first serve) so this was a major blessing!   
Since his birthday is late July he was the baby of this class.  He went ahead with their graduation ceremony yesterday knowing he was returning in the fall.  It was a precious program.  They sang about 4 songs, received their 'diplomas' and then we had a cookie and punch reception.
Keeler has made some really good little friends over the past two years so we hate that they won't continue on together.  But after much prayer plus visiting with other parents and teachers we think we made the best decision for our little cowboy. 
His teacher, Mrs. Winner, explained that time to time it does impact him that he is 'the baby.'  She said personally she wished she would have done the same with one of her son's with a summer birthday.  Waiting a year will allow Keeler to mature and really get ahead on learning/socializing.  He has stayed along with the rest of the class and only struggles time to time to grasp things as easily as the others.  However his teacher said when he does struggle - he really struggles because he's struggling.  Does that make any sense? She said he is really hard on himself and gets discouraged that he's struggling and then has to work to hold back emotion.  When she told us this I immediately understood because I am the same way.  
I want to give him the best chance in life.  Yes, this was a small decision in the big scheme of things but I want him to know someday that his father and I really thought long and hard on what decision to make because we want the best for him.
We love you Keeler.  We are so proud of you.  You are the sweetest little guy and we want nothing but happiness and success for your future.  I promise that I will hold your hand along the way and pray for you everyday.  And just think, you'll be leaps and bounds above the rest holding two diplomas before you head off to kindergarten in 2014! jk :)   



  1. Way to go Keeler!!!!!!! Hopefully we will get to see you this summer. Love you and your brother!!!

    1. We're keeping our fingers crossed that at least one summer trip will work out. We miss y'all!!

  2. It takes a wise parent to make a decision like that. Good for you ~ you'll not be sorry. May you all have a happy summer and don't forget to come to Farmer's Market once in awhile!!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Anita. We'll definitely be stopping by to see you!