Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Whoas!

We had a super fun weekend around here.  Nothing too exciting but a lot of time spent my three cowboys.  
On Friday evening we went to church to see Keeler perform in his VBS program.
We ended up in the church basement to wait out a storm.  Once we got released to move back upstairs to the sanctuary, Keeler just couldn't hold it together so we ended up leaving before he even preformed.  It made us all very sad but I think we were hungry and mainly tired from a busy week.

After a good night's rest (and some much needed rain) Tyler had the idea to head over to Dodge City for a fun family day.  I was so excited because typically he has to work on Saturdays.  We started the trip off with a nice lunch.  
 We introduced Kallahan to spinach and artichoke dip - he basically ate then entire bowl.  
We intended on taking the little cowboys to ride go-carts and play putt-putt but the place was closed.  Luckily we had kept it a secret so they weren't disappointed.  They were excited to shop for new work jeans and gloves (silly cowboys) and then visit the arcade at the little mall. 
When we got home in the evening, Kallahan was ready to paint!  We found this chalk paint kit while in Dodge and it was perfect for him.  I'm really entertaining his artistic side and it excites me that he enjoys it so much.
Banx is quite the little painter too.  After playing outside with the neighbors we invited them over for a cookout.  It was starting to sprinkle so we moved inside.  
These boys have so much fun together!
Keeler thought they needed a centerpiece at their table and added his telescope stand??
We ended the evening with a kid's movie night while we played games.

On Sunday, the little cowboys loved helping daddy mow both our yard and their granny's.
We're looking forward to another great week.  Our Mimi is coming up to watch Keeler's tee-ball games.  Last night we got just over an inch of rain and we're feeling so thankful!

P.S.  I feel it's my civic duty to fill you in on my summer must-have sandals:
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I LOVE sandals.  I have 104 different pairs (wedges, flip-flops, strappy, gladiators, etc...) but it seems that every year I end up wearing one or two of the same pair almost everyday.  Insane, yes, but when I fall in love I fall hard.  So far this year, my favs are... 
1// This braided black and white pair by Mossimo.  I am really in a gold phase - the accents are just perfect and dress it up some.  This shoe is also ironically very neutral.  I can play the black off as navy and wear it with almost anything.  I already insisted to my sister that she buy a pair.  She has no regrets.  She said she gets so many compliments and questions about them.  Everyone is shocked when she tells them they're from Target.  They're really impressive, y'all!
2//  This jeweled loop sandal by Roper.  Who knew Roper could be so darn cute?!  While the boys were looking at jeans this weekend I stumbled upon this pair.  I call them my cowgirl shoes, ha!  That's about as cowgirl as I get.

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  1. What a fun weekend! Family time…that’s perfection! I LOVE Kallahan's expression in the little car pic.