Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Whoas!

Just a quick weekend recap...
On Saturday, I took the little cowboys to the local water park with friends and their little ones.  First we met at McDonald's for lunch and let the kids run off some energy.  We all learned the lesson the hard way about telling the kids about our fun plans beforehand because they all got up super early and were bouncing off the walls until it was time to go.  Next time, we're just loading them up and might tell them on the way, ha!  
When we first arrived we all applied sunscreen and this mommy had a major fail by getting it in Kallahan's eyes.  I know it had to hurt terribly bad.  It was windy and the water was cold so he wanted to be held most the time.  The big kids were fine because they were running around - which warmed them right up.
About two hours in, Kal couldn't take it anymore.  He fell asleep while I held him in his beach towel.  I secretly enjoyed it because I can't recall the last time he fell asleep in my arms.  
He even managed to stay asleep while we all got back dressed.  I laid him on this bench and he never moved a muscle.  Poor little guy was beat!
After the water park we all stopped at Peach Wave for a little foyo treat.  It was the best!!

The boys slept all the way home.  Tyler was out golfing in a tournament and he got home shortly after we arrived.  He had a great time.  His team placed 4th overall - I'm very proud of my golfing cowboy!
As soon as he sat down he got a text that a sprinkler had stopped so we all ventured out to the farm as a family.
Luckily the sprinkler had stopped due to a mobile command so it was a quick fix.  While we waited on daddy we took a few pics.
I love these boys!
Kal was so sad that we were going to turn around and go home after Tyler got the sprinkler running.  We decided to take the little cowboys on a Ranger ride to make the trip seem worthwhile.  Tyler let both of them take turns and sit on his lap to "drive."  Keeler is a MUCH better driver than little brother!
Keeler and I were scared!  Guess he thought ear protection might save us?!

On Sunday, while Tyler ran back to the farm for some chores the little cowboys and I took our time getting ready for church.  They asked for a BIG breakfast... what's this mommy to do?
We ran to McDonald's (two times in one weekend, I know *healthy habits) and they split a meal.  I ate my two eggs at the kiddie table with them.  
Why can't everyday be Sunday, seriously?  Kallahan is even picking up on the excitement of the weekends at our house.  I had told them last week that we'd go to the water park on Saturday... so then everyday he asked, "Saturday, mom?"  Then this morning I was telling them goodbye before work.  He said, "Why work, mom?" "Saturday?" - Oh I wish little buddy.

After church we kept it pretty low key.  After lunch, we all took a nice nap.  Kallahan slept from 1pm - 5:30pm.  That boy was worn out!  He must be growing.  
While Kal was napping we spent some one-on-one with Keeler.  
We had him practice some writing.  He wasn't big about writing his name but he loved practicing math.
Once Kal finally woke up, we ran up town to rent a movie, Turbo, and do a little shopping while daddy finished up dinner.  We had delicious fajitas and then had a movie night while it RAINED!
Praise the Lord!  It was the best kind of evening.  
I snapped this picture out our front door right before sunset.  
What'd you do this weekend?    

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  1. Love reading about your family and all the fun yall have. I wish my kids were still as small as yours. We can't wait to join yall for water park fun.