Friday, October 24, 2014

Kallahan's Paint Party!

The theme for Kallahan's third birthday was pretty easy to figure out... the boy LOVES to paint.  So a few months before his birthday I asked him if he wanted a paint party and he lite up like a Christmas tree!  So the planning began...
Here's the invitation I designed.
To make it easier on everyone (most of our close family is in Texas) we hosted the party at my parent's house and it worked out great for everyone.
 My sister and I premade almost all the decorations beforehand and then my mom, Kal and I put everything in place the night before the party.  We did all the baking the morning of the party.  This part actually ended up being the most fun for all of us, especially Kal.  
Here's the party in pictures:

I wish I would've taken close up pictures of all the treats... they were all so cute!
Colorful Artist Palette Cupcakes - the kids decorate!

Thank you to all our family that made Kallahan's birthday such a special day!
Let's decorate cupcakes!

Jacey was by far our most dedicated painter, and the only girl :)
We hope your paint party was all you could have dreamed... and MORE!  Judging by the fact that you asked to have another one the next day, the next day and the next day - I think it was a success.

We love you Kallahan!   
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  1. I LOVE it! Will you design Cole's bday invitation? Sooo sweet!