Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Pajama Party!

Happy Halloween week!!
I’m linking up with AshleyDarci and Natasha for a fun, festive Little Ghosts and Goblins Halloween Pajama Party!  
 I love holidays and I love pajamas - so this is the most fun.  If you know me, the little cowboy’s pajamas are typically matching too but since Keeler’s in a size 6 it’s getting harder to find matching sets.  What am I going to do?! 
  I have preordered their Christmas pajamas but any advice on where to find a wider range of sizes would be helpful.  I stumbled upon these Halloween pajamas by accident at Walmart!  Yes, Walmart – who knew?!  The little cowboys each picked out their own set and were thrilled to get home and "glow in the dark!"  
Keeler's scary face :0
Check out the link-up for more cute kiddos in Halloween pajamas.  Or better yet, join the party via blog or join us on Instagram by using hashtag::  #HalloweenPjPartyLinkup
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  1. Stopping by from the link. Your boys are adorable. I love the costumes too.

  2. I love the cowboy costumes!! And the silly faces as the pics go on haha. I love glowing jams!