Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Our Thanksgiving!

Here's a quick recap & pictures from our Thanksgiving holiday!
Wednesday we arrived in Texas and had a full day to spend with my family before the big holiday.  We went out to my sister's house and helped her put up one of her many Christmas trees and the cousins played like crazy... it was a loooong overdue visit.

In the evening, we got to spend time with more of our favorite people... the Van Bakel's!
 Kristin ordered pizza and we ended up with the BIGGEST pizza I've ever seen.  We had to transport it in the trunk to get it home and then the silly girl was worried we didn't have enough food, ha!
 The Skelton family came over too.  The big boys (a.k.a.: our husbands) could talk for hours about the good ol' days while us wives had a blast watching the littles run around and play.  

On Thanksgiving, my sister and her two little kiddos came to our parent's for the meal.  
Her husband, Jarret, is still in harvest so he wasn't able to join.  
The joys of farming :) 
My mom worked hard on preparing a fabulous meal.
My family contributed were these darling homemade cookies that we homemade bought.
Our uncle Mack and aunt Kay also joined us for the meal.  It was great to have them with us.
Wine time!  It's hard work supervising in the kitchen :)
 Pa Diddy and Grandma Kak with their grandkids 
(sans Jakob who was busy with cotton harvest too).
 After the meal and a little pie it was time to go out shopping since so many of the stores opened at 4pm.  We picked up Tyler's mom and headed out.  We made a couple stops and then met up with Tyler, Keeler and Tim at Sears in hopes to purchase a TV for our basement.
 Luckily, the boys waiting in line paid off and we got 1 of the 7 doorbuster TVs.  Woohoo!!!
 We finally met up with Erica and Tiffany and our first stop was Target.  We went to countless stores and got so many good deals.  Most the girls went home around 2am but my sister and I spent all night shopping and ended up back at our parents around 8:30am to check on the kids.  The coolest part of the shopping adventure... we were gifted a "Black Friday Shopping Queen" t-shirt from a complete stranger in Ulta.  Erica was a doll and gave it to me!  Next year, I think we all need matching shirts! 
Our rule is we don't sleep again until Friday night and we both managed to survive.  It helped that Tyler's parents hosted a grandkid sleepover so I was able to get a nice night's sleep after a quiet dinner out with Tim, Erica, Tiff and Russell.

 On Saturday, we got to see Jim-dad's spectacular light display!  After going by their house, Keeler, Pa Diddy and I stopped at Starbucks and then drove around listening to Christmas music and looked at lights.  Keeer LOVED it!

On Sunday, we headed home.
 Then on Monday, December 1st - Howie made his return to the Baker house.
He brought both the little cowboys a personilzed plate, an ornament and an advent calendar.  This season of life will be so short... I'm trying to soak it all in.
Happy December!


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