Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Favorites

TGIF!!  It's the last Friday before Christmas - woohoo!
I'm linking up today to share some of our recent favorite moments.

{one}  Shalie & Erik's recent 12.13.14 wedding festivities! It was so great to have family in town last weekend and attend such a memorable event.  All the details were simply gorgeous... and Shalie was beyond a beautiful bride.  We wish them both the best and welcome Erik to the fam.
Kallahan is quickly taking the role of the "family clown."  He ran around the rehearsal dinner in his brother's spurs with his boots on the wrong feet - all for a good laugh.  Lord, help me with this one.
Our nephew, Bryon, was Shalie's ringbearer.  He did a great job and looked soooo handsome.
This cute sister selfie is the only picture I managed to take the night of the wedding.  The ceremony was so nice and then we headed out for the reception.  Everything was going well until Kallahan somehow managed to cut the back of his ear on a chair {NO clue how this happened... lack of supervision much? #motheroftheyear}.  It was scraped really badly and afterwards he just couldn't get happy.  We were home by 8:45pm after he asked repeatedly, "I go home.  I go to bed."  Poor kid.  I was really bummed bc THIS girl LOVES to dance.  I don't dance well so Kallahan probably saved his mommy a lot of embarrassment :)
We ended up having a fun evening at home.  Tiffany and Russell came over and we all played the Newlywed game.  Congrats again to Tiff and Russ for winning and having such clean minds. 

{two}  Family in town meant that we got to host Tim & Erica!  We LOVE having them around.  I love spending time with my new sis and the boys have a great time playing with uncle Tim and taking him to the farm.

Tyler makes for a far more gracious host than me... Erica, Tiff and I had plans to go to the donut shop but Tyler cooked us a fab family breakfast instead.  Seriously, he's the best {and always my favorite}!

{three}  Saturday, after Erica and I did some local shopping we decided to fill some downtime with a holiday favorite: annual Gingerbread house building.  Keeler did his very quickly with little interest but Kal (my little artist) worked diligently alongside Erica and Tim.
Uncle Tim's house was the only one that survived thru the weekend... 

{four}  Baby cousin LOVING is always a favorite.  Cousin Haylee is getting so big and HAPPY.

{five}  Our favorite Christmas Countdown Traditions continue... 
This week the little cowboys received a few special gifts from Howie {their Elf on the Shelf} which is building up some excitement.
Day 10:  Christmas Books
Day 9:  Christmas Pajamas
Day 8:  Elf on the Shelf Tin Puzzle Sets

Wednesday, we attended our church Christmas program:  "How the Grinch Found Jesus!"
It was an adorable production... I just love our little Cindy Lou Who.
I was helping with the kids so I failed to take many pictures / video but thanks to Facebook I was able to steal a video.  It's lengthy but I decided to include in case the little cowboys want to look back upon someday...

"Oh Mr.Grinch, Christmas isn't in the packages, stocking and decorations.  
It's here... it's peace, love and joy."

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