Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Our Easter

Happy Easter to youl!   We had a fun weekend full of family, food, faith & several Easter egg hunts.
We love when family comes to town.  Most of Tyler's family came Thursday evening or early Friday so "good" Friday was especially good with loved ones around.  The little cowboys were excited to have Bryon out at the farm.  They all stayed at the farm while us girls made a quick shopping trip to the city.
Well, it wasn't just the girls that went shopping... we had this cutie in tow.  OMGosh, could be be any cuter?  That smile.
We had some of our favorite house guests stay the weekend {uncle Tim, auntie Erica and my favorite puppy niece - Sprinkles!}.  On Saturday, the boys headed back out to the farm so us girls, Sprinkles included, took our time getting ready and had a nice "21 Day Fix" approved lunch before heading to Amber's baby shower.  
That's right, I've started another attempt at getting healthier along with starting the 2nd half of Insanity Max 30... but that's a complete post on it's own.
Erica and Tiffany were great and helped me get everything together to help host Amber's baby shower.  Before the shower started, Erica and I took a photo to show off our matching new Kendra Scott Drusy Necklaces.  We're calling them our "sister necklaces."
We can't wait for baby Avery to arrive.  We need more girls in this family.  I loved helping with this shower.  Amber had the best request - a headband station - versus the typically baby shower games.  
I had never heard of such (oh the life of being surrounded by little stinky boys).  But I started searching around and found the best site, Sunshine Shoppe Supply.  I ordered in two kits so that we'd have a nice variety of colors and styles.  Everyone seemed to have a great time and little Avery will have a headband for every outfit!  It was such a fun shower :)

After the shower, we rushed back to Granny's and started our family Easter festivities.  
We celebrated Saturday night because some of our family members had to travel back home early on Sunday.
The kiddos loved the egg hunt..
and dying Easter eggs.

On Easter morning the little cowboys were excited to see and go through their Easter baskets tool boxes. 
I also gave them personalized pillows.  They look less than thrilled but they really do like them.  I'm a sucker for anything personalized (obviously).
After we were ready for church we had one last little egg hunt at home.
We were blessed with the best weather on Easter Sunday.  After church, we spent most the day outside playing in the mud and with water balloons.  It was the best kind of holiday and we made some special memories.  
From ours to yours, Happy Easter!!
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  1. Happy Easter! And I love the idea of a headband station - I'll have to keep that in mind for the next baby shower I help with. :)