Thursday, April 30, 2015

Life Lately.

Well, here we are in the last day or April.  Life has changed dramatically since my last post.  We have a feeling of emptiness as our family suffered a tragic loss on April 19th.  Tyler's cousin was taken from us at the young age of 21.  Over the past several days the outpour of sympathy and support from our little community and friends has amazed us.  Tyler's families' strength and faith during this difficult time has also amazed me and has brought much comfort.  
As Tyler's uncle has instructed us to do, "let our hearts be flooded with wonderful memories..."  We're focusing on just that and reminding the little cowboys how much their cousin loved them.  He was so good with them and they were so special to him.
 He was the first one to get on the floor with them to play at family functions.  He would attempt at anything to make them smile.
Keeler tried to emulate Karlton in so many ways.  He thinks he needs to wear the biggest belt buckle he can find and has a strong desire to start showing animals in 4H (just like Karlton).  He's still a year too young for 4H but one of our sweet family friends and my job intern, Miranda, has offered to take Keeler under her wing for fair this year.  We're hoping she can "teach us the ropes" so to speak.
Today we went out with her and Keeler worked on getting familiar with her animals.
 Both the little cowboys loved it.  I'm sure Karlton was looking down with pride.  His passing will never set easy with me. He was just too young but Tyler and I will not let him go forgotten.  We will share with the little cowboys our memories of their fun spirited cousin, Karlton.  Rest in Peace.

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  1. How terrible, I'm so sorry for your loss. What a sweet way for his memory to live on through your boys.