Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekend Whoas

Spring calving is in full swing and thus so are weekend brandings.  The little cowboys are loving every minute of it.  This weekend Keeler invited his friend out to help.  Tyler and Troy are so good with the boys - letting them get right in there and "help."
Their job is to pick out the next calf and push it through the gate to get worked.
I watched for a bit and then enjoyed a run on the county roads.  I love to run out at the farm - you can see for miles and the dirt is nice and soft on my feet.
When I got back the boys were about finished up so I took them back into town.
Saturday evening we loaded up and headed to the city.  We had a nice sushi dinner out for my belated birthday celebration and picked up my NEW BIKE!  I'm so excited to start riding with the boys.
Sunday we went to church.  I'm loving the spring weather!  I had to snap some pics of my cuties in their bright new tennis shoes.
We had a pretty low key Sunday but we did enjoy our first bike ride to the park.  Kallahan had a bit of a struggle keeping up but he made it!
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