Monday, April 18, 2016

Soccer & Spring Fling

This past week Keeler had his very first soccer game.  He was so pumped!
 His team worked so well together and won their first game!

 It's been raining some here so when it was dry we took full advantage and did some playing in the yard.

On Thursday Keeler had his second game. Evidenced by this sweaty red face he played hard and gave it his all!!  We are so happy that he's loving soccer. 
So proud of our Royal Sharks!
On Friday, Keeler and I headed over for his very last Vision Therapy session! I was feeling a little bittersweet... I'm so proud of how far Keeler's come but I'm gonna miss the weekly trips and special one-on-one time.
At this last assessment I was shocked at this visual that shows his improvement. He's surpassed his goal!

Over the weekend we had our local Spring Fling.  The little cowboys helped us set up our booth and then we popped over to the show throughout the weekend.

It's always a lot of fun the visit the other booths and mingle with friends.

On Sunday, our church kid's bell choir was part of the show entertainment.

Everyone comments on how cute Kallahan is when he plays.  He plays with all he's got!

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