Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend Whoas: Jacey's Birthday

This past weekend we had a blast with family.  I took a long weekend and we headed south...
but not before grabbing a bite with these two cuties and granny!  I know I'm partial but these two kill me (insert heart eye emoji).
Kallahan had his school pictures so he was all dressed up for success:
Kallahan's first EVER school pictures.  How'd he get to be so stinkin' big?
After lunch we headed to see Brittney at Keeler's school.  For her work she was demonstating the Earth ball.  It was so cool!
We went in the Earth with Keeler's class.  He was surprised to see us there :)
After this fun little adventure it was time for our trip!  Our first stop was Aunt 'Manthy's!
My dad was heading out of town but we swung by and showed off his new pick-up.  The little boys were all super impressed and check out that beautiful farm sunrise.
Since it was Friday, the kids had to go to school so my mom and I took my little cowboys into town and did some shopping!
At "our happy place!"
We had lunch and a little ice cream treat before heading back out to pick up the kids from school.
Then it was time to start Jacey's birthday celebrations!  We had a {belated} egg hunt...
and the kids played outside while we got Jacey and her friends ready for their 4-H Fashion Show.
Jacey did awesome, looked adorable and placed first place in casual wear!  I gave her a magenta Kendra Scott necklace right before the show and it matched her outfit perfectly.  I just love my girl!
 After the Fashion Show, we headed back to their house for her slumber party then the girls practiced their cheerleading.  It was such a fun and girly night.
Saturday, we headed over to Jakob's district track meet.  
This was Keeler and Kallahan's first track meet.
 Jakob's first events were long and high jump.  It was so fun to watch him.
I ran into one of besties from high school and stole her baby!
We all enjoyed loving on baby Briggston.  The morning was pretty cold so we did retreat to Samantha's van and then enjoyed lunch with old friends.
 In the afternoon the sun came out and we were ready to watch our favorite track star!
Jakob did AMAZING!  He ended up winning district in the 100m and 200m!! He's one fast kiddo.  His team also took 3rd in the mile relay.

We had the best day supporting Jakob. His unbelievable talent paired with a strong competitive spirit made for a very exciting day!

Our little boys were super impressed with the event and Jakob's winning skills.  After the track meet they held their own little friendly competition.
On Sunday, we got up early to head home.  We were about an hour out and my mom called to inform me that I left me work computer in her trunk.  Oh dear!  She was a lifesaver tho... We stopped at a Walmart and did some grocery shopping (on my to-do list anyway) and she headed our way with the computer.
We took her to lunch and then parted ways - yet again ;)
We still managed to get home at a decent hour.  
Keeler ended the day with a little soccer practice.
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