Monday, June 27, 2016

Keeler's 8th Birthday Party

This past weekend we celebrated Keeler's 8th birthday! My sister was super sweet and allowed us to host the party at their house.  Their beautiful home/pool is the perfect location for a swim party. We had the party almost a month early because we'll be on vacation on his actual birthday and most all of our family was in town for Brody's birthday so I thought, why not make it easier on everyone?!
Keeler had all his favorite people in one place.  We couldn't ask for more.
The weather was PERFECTION.  It was cloudy the entire afternoon and around 80 degrees.  So the few of us not swimming enjoyed being outdoors too.
Cousin Love
Okay, enough with the pictures, mom.  Can we start this party?!
It was so great to have everyone out to celebrate our not-so-little boy.
Keeler was so excited to open his presents.  He scored some really great things.
Samantha gave him a wireless speaker, just like the one he plays with at their house and he was so thankful for everything.
I love my little tribe.
Time for cupcakes and ice-cream!

Then a little piñata fun... 
It's always so much fun to watch them all try soooo hard to break it.  CANDY!!
It was such a fun party for EVERYONE!
A birthday isn't complete without a few birthday spankings from your dear ol' dad:)
Thank you to everyone that made Keeler's birthday so special. We've decided that eight is going to be great! 
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