Monday, June 27, 2016

let's talk... Red, White & Blue

Today I'm joining Andrea and Erika for the Let's Talk series and it's all about Red, White & Blue!  
It's no secret that this color trio is one of my favorites... I went through past posts to share some patriotic goodies. 
A couple years ago I started decorating for Memorial Day and left the decorations up until after the 4th of July just so get to enjoy them a little longer.
Here's a snippet of our festive mantle.  I shared an image template for this Pottery Barn "inspired" banner on my blog a couple years ago.  Enjoy!

These Cookie Cups are my absolute fav Red, White & Blue sweet treat for the 4th.  They are simple and bite sized making them great for parties...
and so are almond bark covered pretzels {even more special when making with Granny}.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE dressing my little cowboys and myself in a little Red, White & Blue!
Mommy's little fire crackers 
Lastly these flag canvases are one of my favorite Red, White & Blue Crafts. My little cowboys and their cousins completed these a few years back on the holiday weekend at my sister's place poolside.  It was such a fun time.  She had them hanging yesterday on her pool house at Keeler's birthday party.  All the kids got to see how much their hand's had grown.
I'll do a post soon but we had a great Sunday celebrating our {soon-to-be} eight year old.  We'll be traveling in July for his real birthday so we seized the opportunity to celebrate early with family since most of us were down south for Brody's birthday.  Keeler and I sporting a little Red, White and Blue ;)
As we traveled home last night we spotted a few firework stands and the little cowboys wanted to stop.  We refrained but I see visits in our near future.  I love this time of year! 

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