Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Favorites

Summer 2016 has come to an end - how'd that happen so fast?!  We're working on getting back into the school routine around here, which is always hard. Happy Friday regardless - I'm sharing some of my favorite recent moments with my favorite little cowboys!!  
Keeler recently had his final vision assessment since completing vision therapy this spring.  We were thrilled to hear the doctor say his progress was "off the charts." They expected him to have continued improvements but he reported that normally they do not see as much as he's seeing with Keeler.  We're so thankful!
After the assessment we went to lunch to celebrate, pick out school supplies...
and pick up a little froyo treat!

One of my favorite coworkers/friends recently got married and had the sweetest wedding.  It was a fun evening with some of my best friends and their little ones. 

Before school started on Thursday, we did our best to soak up the last bit of the gorgeous summer evenings playing with our favorite neighbor boys.  Lately, we have had even more than the next-door neighbors coming over.  The other day we had eight boys in the front yard playing... oh boy!!  

And speaking of playing, Kallahan had his very first playdate this past weekend.  We asked Liam to come over and play.  His mom and I are friends and we discovered that our boys will be in the same preschool class. I thought it would nice if they could play and get to know one another before Kallahan's school starts in a few weeks.  They had the best time!
 Liam really gravitated more towards Keeler but the three of them played for hours.
Sonic cheers to our new favorite friend!  

Two of my favorite farm boys have birthdays coming up, Kallahan and my nephew, Jakob.
 My sister and I are planning a combo party for them - it will be fun to do it together and I think it's pretty sweet a 15-year-old is willing to share his big day with a 5-year-old. Samantha, how are our babies this old?!

Keeler had his first day of second grade this week.  The kid doesn't like me to take his photo that well anymore so these pictures are certainly some of my new favorites.  So far he's loving school :)

Our favorite hired man can't wait to start school in a couple weeks but in the mean time he's been busy working at TNT Cattle Co and in his spare time learning to ride his bike {sans training wheels}.
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