Monday, August 1, 2016

July Highlights

Hello August! 
We're working on settling back into a routine after being away on vacation. {Vacation post coming soon - we had the best time}. Even aside from the vacation, July was a great month.  We kept busy and therefore I didn't have much time to blog but I wanted to share some of the highlights... 
The little cowboys played some tennis at Granny's while I was at work and in the evenings Keeler and I played a few matches against this cute duo. 
The little cowboys have spent several hours in the yard on their electric Gator and car. 
 Driving Miss Daisy Haylee
We also got to spend some evenings with little Miss Becca on the farm. 
 What's better than an evening swim with friends and then some dog loving?
Introducing Kallahan the Dog Whisperer. This picture makes me smile.
 On July 5th we welcomed our newest little cousin, Sutter. We are so happy for Tolan, Brittney and big sis, Haylee. OMGosh, Sutter reminds me so much of my little guys when they were newborn with the dark hair and skin. Tyler had fun swaddling him up like he use to do with our little cowboys. Why do they have to grow up so quickly?

We went on a little "staycation" with my parents, sister and her kiddos to a new local waterpark as a reward for the kid's summer reading. 
 We had a lot of fun at the waterpark. I hope to make this an annual tradition.
 All wrapped up and ready to go.  We stayed the night in a hotel and then on the following day us girl's had a shopping day and my dad took the boys to a movie.
 I think is picture is proof we had a successful shopping trip. We found a lot of goodies but sadly we didn't need anything ;)
A couple days after my sister went back to Texas I got a call that her and Jarret would be in town to pick up a motor.  For the record, this NEVER happens to us.  People don't typically have a reason to come to our town so we were super excited to have the random visitors.  It worked out perfectly that I had the afternoon off for dentist appointments. The boys loved having Aunt 'Mathy there to play games with while Jarret got his motor.
Before they left we went and had a nice dinner and then some ice cream.  What a treat!
On another random evening, I decided to take the little cowboys out to visit a customer so they could ride combine {Tyler gets all his wheat custom harvested so we kind of miss out on the harvest traditions}.  I took along a coworker that was helping the customer shoot some video harvest footage with a drone. They made this video with the footage...

If you watch closely, you'll see us in the combine waving.  It was such a great experience for the boys.
Our farmer has been pretty busy this month so the vacation at the end of the month was so nice.  Thanks for all the great memories July.
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