Thursday, August 18, 2016

Keeler's First Day of 2nd Grade!

Today marks Keeler's first day of second grade!  Like last year, I opted to take his "first day" pictures earlier in the week to avoid the hassle and struggle on the morning of his actual first day.  This seems to be working for us. This morning everything went smoothly - he woke up to his request of cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. 
Our little cowboy is growing up so quickly.

Last night we attended his "Back to School Social" to meet his teacher and drop off his school supplies.  His teacher was very friendly and remembers Keeler from Vacation Bible School. Keeler's Mimi also taught her daughter years ago and said that she was one of her "all time favorite teachers." We're hoping the same goes for Keeler and Mrs. Cavasos. We've been very blessed with wonderful teachers throughout the years.
Keeler said, "it feels like just the other day I was getting out of school." I agreed but encouraged him to think about our great summer and all the memories we have made.  I asked him what was his favorite thing we did and he responded with, "ALL of it!" Then we reminisced about all the fun times.
I just love this goofball to pieces.
Such a stud!
 We all wanted our picture with our big second grader!
Keeler wanted us to all walk him into his classroom. It was hard to think about it but this will more than likely be the last year that we are able to do this as family. Kal will be attending public school next year and Keeler will be onto the next elementary school. 
Keeler walked into his class with great confidence and gave his teacher a little gift. I snapped one picture of them together and we wished them a great day.  Another easy back-to-school experience. It's going to be the best year yet!
We are so proud. Proud of the amazing little man is he becoming. 
Go get ‘em Keeler! The world is waiting…
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