Friday, February 10, 2012

Happiness depends upon ourselves

I wasn't going to post anymore this week but today on Kellys Korner  her featured Show Us Your Life Topic is Working Moms.  I decided to link up my blog and share something that I have actually wanted to write about that I focus on everyday since I went back to work after Kallahan was born: the balance that I strive for while being a mom and working full time. 
At times I feel guilty about going to work and leaving my little cowboys but what makes it worthwhile is I love my job.  Yes, I LOVE my little cowboys more but I really feel that I have a great balance.  I am the Director of Marketing at large John Deere dealership.  By no means did I ever imagine that I would know the difference between tractor tire sizes and combine header widths but I do, and my husband thinks it’s pretty sexy!   Every day my job is exciting from producing customer events to designing print ads.  I go home and feel like I  have contributed to the success of an amazing business and industry.

The top 3 reasons why I am able to have a good balance:
1)      A GREAT DADDY!!  My husband contributes tremendously.  He takes the boys to the babysitter each day, helps clean the house and typically makes dinner.  As most of you know, I suffer from having a major lack of cooking skills and more importantly lack of interest.  Hey, Keeler and I love single item meals like rice and oatmeal but daddy complains so daddy usually cooks.
2)      A GREAT SITTER!!  We are fortunate enough to have wonderful childcare for our little cowboys.  My husband’s grandmother watches the cowboys.  She is so great with them.  She is so energetic and loves the boys as much as we do.  Since she is family (and I love her so much) I am able to go visit the little cowboys during my lunch hour.  This is great way to squeeze in an extra hour with my guys during the day!

3)      A GREAT JOB!!  I truly love my job.  I can’t imagine making all the sacrifices I do to work if I didn’t love my job.  Yes, some days are better than others but in the end, life is too short to do anything that you are not passionate about. I also feel that I make a better employee because I am a mom.  Since I had my family, I know that I have to keep my job secure.  Since my husband is a self-employed farmer I carry the insurance.  With little cowboys in our life, insurance is more important than it has even been.  I also work faster and smarter.  My end goal is always to work as efficiently as possible to get home to see my cowboys. 

Happiness and balance is a choice.  I could choose to focus on the negatives, like I  wish I had the option to stay at home and I wish I lived closer a large city but I choose NOT to.  I make the right choice for me each day.  I focus on the fact that I am proud that I have a good career and I  help support our family.   I feel fortunate that I am able to contribute and enjoy it while I do! I am truly blessed.

“Happiness depends upon ourselves”Aristotle


  1. Great Post!! I came over from Kellys Korner. I love how you said Happiness and Balance is a choice! I feel the same way, I could look at the negatives but WHY??
    Your little cowboys are handsome!

  2. Love that you call your boys your cowboys, so sweet! Aren't we so blessed to have a wonderful family and wonderful careers? It can be hard, but it can also be so rewarding! Beautiful blog!

  3. I found your blog through Kelly's Korner. A great daddy makes all the difference. I think we moms feel we have to do it all. Teamwork with our husbands makes it easier :)

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies and thanks for stopping by!