Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Whoas!

1)      Saturday 7am:  “It’s time to get up, it’s sunshiny mommy” – bittersweet but the sound of his little voice started the day off right
2)      I finally figured out the perfect ratio of skim milk  to tea to sweetener for my dad’s famous hot tea – L.O.V.E
3)      Saturday date night with the hubby was great.  Even if it was work related it was nice to get out.
4)      Our table took the coveted “best decorated” table award at the chamber banquet!
5)      Baby Kal slept 12 hours on Saturday night!  Granny was “Super Nanny!”
6)      Sunday 7am:  Tyler & I both see a balloon bouquet float by our bed.  We both laughed and looked down to find Keeler carrying around the balloons we brought home for him from the chamber banquet. 

7)      This sweet lil' cowboy's hair just makes me smile – I think he has been cursed with MY HAIR it will not stay down!
8)      Keeler letting me know that he saw some jeans on TV that I need, “mommy, you can just pull them off!” (Could he be referring to Pajama Jeans? – score!)

9)      We attempted to recreate a meal from Olive Garden.  We made their salad dressing, breadsticks & Chicken Alfredo on Sunday night and it was nothing short of AMAZING, fattening but amazing!

10)    Our youngest nephew turned three today!  We can't wait to celebrate with everyone next weekend.  Happy Birthday Bryon, we love you!!!! 


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