Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy 5 Months!

Dear Kallahan,
You are five months old!  Wow, how time is flying.  I can’t believe that next month you will be half a year.  You are such a little cutie pie.  This month you have gone to your first friend’s birthday party.  You have been somewhat sick this month with a stuffy nose so we have been running your humidifier and having you sleep elevated.  It seems that you are now starting to feel much better.  Knock on wood, but you were the only one in the family that has not come down with a stomach bug this week.  Keeping our finger’s crossed. 
You are so happy!  You love to be talked to and are starting to babble more and more.  You are reaching for objects (even with your feet). Now when you see your bottle coming you get so excited.  You reach for it with both hands and try to manipulate it.   You love to play with your toys and now that you are feeling better you will just lie on a blanket and play.  We have tried to feed you rice cereal with mommy’s milk and applesauce on four occasions but you still not quite into it. 
You are still taking cat naps throughout the day.  Typically after your feedings.  Sleeping at night has become a bit of a struggle.  You do not like to go down when it is dark.  Mommy and Daddy are still rocking you through your fits and it typically takes about 30 minutes to calm you down.  Once you are down you usually sleep through the night.   Mommy is going to start researching “sleep training” this weekend.  On a good note, your little laughter is nothing short of magic. We love your laugh so much that we’ll do just about anything to get you to giggle – the best is when you will crack yourself up in the mirror.  The magic of your happy giggles can wash away the stress of even the worst of days. 
Happy five months sweet Kallahan!
Cowboys both at 4.5 months
I had to dig in the archives but I found the picture that I have been thinking of.  These are pictures of both of the lil' cowboys at four and a half months.  I can’t believe how much they resemble.  How did I get so lucky to have such cute kids?  We are so blessed to have two healthy, happy cowboys.

This weekend American Implement is hosting a table at the annual chamber banquet.  The theme is “Totally Awesome 80s”  Our table is geared around toys in the 80s – it’s so cute! 

Lastly but most importantly, I ask that everyone keep my dear friend, Sabra, and her family in your prayers.  She lost her father this week.  Her family lives in south Texas about six hours away.  I wish that I could be there for her but I know that God's comfort is needed most during this time.  We LOVE you Sabra & Sam!!

Love is how you stay alive even after you are gone." - Morrie Schwartz

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