Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

We hope that everyone had a safe and wonderful 4th of July.  We certainly did!  At first, I hated that the holiday was on a Wednesday…why does it have to fall in the middle of the week!?  But the more I thought about it, I loved it!  We would typically travel for the 4th but since we were grounded we decided to throw our own party.  We had Granny, the Walh’s and the Edwards over. The Edwards had relatives in town so they came over too. 
The little cowboys & I had a quiet morning since we stayed up late the night before having a water balloon fight and setting off fireworks.  When Tyler got home from morning chores we went to the store to pick up food for the party.  It wasn't very “American” but we had fajitas.  They were fabulous!  I wanted to make some festive desserts so I made cookie cups & chocolate covered strawberries.  I might not be a good cook but I have decided that I am pretty good at decorating food, ha! =)

Cookie Cups
1 - package Pillsbury sugar cookie dough
1 - 8 oz package cream cheese, softened
1 - lg container cool whip
Fruit of your choice
Line muffin tin with aluminum cupcake holders - grease with Baker’s Joy
Roll cookie dough into 2” balls and drop into cupcake holders.
Bake sugar cookie cups at 350º for 7-10 minutes, do not overcook.
Whip softened cream cheese then add in cool whip until nice & smooth.
Place in Ziploc bag, cut off tip, pipe frosting. Decorate with fruit!  
At the party we went swimming and watched the city firework show.  Our house is perfectly located so that we can see the show on own front lawn.  After the city show the boys and Cristen put us on a firework show.  I stayed up too late and didn't work out yesterday but it was fun day.  I really think that 4th of July might be my favorite holiday.  I love the warm weather, the colors and watching the kids light up with excitement.  It was a great day…I am so proud to be an American!  
The only bad part of the day was baby Kallahan.  He has been feverishness and just not feeling well for the past two days.  We think it's his teeth but the poor baby is just not his happy self.  We sure hope he gets to feeling better soon so we can head to Texas for a fun weekend.

God bless America!

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