Monday, July 23, 2012

Fair Week!

This time of year our little town hosts a week-long county fair.  I always think it reflects on our great community.  As Keeler gets older he has more and more fun and gets more involved.  This year I think he would have lived at the fairgrounds if we would have let him.  His Granny took him every day, I would meet them for lunch, they went back to her house for a nap and then we returned in the evening.  
Turtle Races - July 17th
Keeler helping his cousins clip for the livestock judging
Keeler showed a pig in the pee-wee judging! 
I missed it but a sweet coworker took some pictures for me. :)
Riding the T-bone Express with cousins!
Kid's Rodeo...yee-haw!
 Tractor Pull
Bit and Spur Rodeo

Another perk of fair week is Keeler’s birthday.  
I am still going through pictures and will do a separate post very soon.  Have a wonderful week!       



  1. I love the little small town fairs like that. Was it hot this week? We really only have a large fair to go to every year where we live and it's in September when it's not as hot. However, when were back in OK visiting my husband family during the summer we attend so many events just like that!

    How did Keeler do with his pig? I can not wait till our little ones can do things like that!

    By the way, my name is Patricia. I think I found you at Kellys Korner but I am not sure. I am a foster mommy to many little faces over the past 7 years and in the process of finally getting the chance to adopt one of our little guys.

  2. Love your blog Tricia!
    Yes, it was hot. Almost 100 everyday. We pretty much stuck to visiting the fair in the mornings and evenings.
    Keeler and one other little boy showed pigs. Keeler actually took it serious and did well. The other little boy started riding his pig, ha! I missed it since I was at work but he had so much fun!
    I use to be a foster parent casemanager. Thanks for your interest.