Sunday, July 15, 2012

Still Cycling at 70!

 This weekend we celebrated my husband’s grandmother’s 70th birthday! She is known to everyone as Granny.  She sure doesn't look nor act like she is 70!  She has been mentioning for a while that she would like a bicycle - one without gears.  So, when her milestone birthday rolled around the theme just fell in place, “still cycling at 70!”  We all went together & bought her this darling bike and a pull-behind cart for my little cowboys.
 Tiffany did it again, another darling cake!  She is amazing :)
  Tyler's mom found so many cute items for the party.  She had everything so organized!  Ironically, I have decorated my little cowboy's bathroom with boy toys like trucks, planes &  bikes.  So we pulled the bikes out and used them as decorations for the party.
  My boss' wife has added sublimation items to her business...she made this stone for me to give to Granny on cool!
 Bryon loves being a cowboy in Kansas!
 Granny came over again this morning and gave Keeler & Bryon a ride.  I think she loves her new bicycle!  All our company went home after a swim and lunch today.  What a fun weekend!  

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  1. Hi Kelly!

    I found our site from Kelly's Korner a few weeks back.

    That is fantastic that Granny is still cycling at 70! My mom's parents are in their early 80's and they still work out at the gym 3 days a week, tail gate with their friends for sports events and travel out of the country a few times a year.

    Love your site! Your cowboys are sooo handsome!