Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy 12 Months

Dear Kallahan,
You are one year old!  The past year getting to know you has been so much fun.  You are so darling and spunky.  You are defiantly your own person and show your personality more each day.  You are more of a “bruiser” than your brother ever was.  You hardly cry when you get hurt.  You also seem much more aggressive.  When you want something…you let us know.  Just today, Granny was trying to take a small piece of licorice out of your mouth because she was afraid you would choke.  But man, Kal you bit her twice and just hollered because you wanted that candy!  I think we have a fun journey ahead with you but I’m looking forward to every second of it.
In the past few days you really have taken to walking.  You still haven’t stayed up past about 6 steps but when you want to go somewhere you are trying to walk first.  I am still having a hard time wrapping my mind around it - my baby is almost a full-time walker!  Brother was almost 16 months old before he walked…why so soon little buddy?  I know, you are just trying to keep up with that brother. :)
You are still eating well and sleeping through the night.  Mommy rocks you to sleep and since everything else is going too fast, I just might be rocking you til your 18.  This week you officially switched over to whole milk.  You don’t seem to even notice the difference nor have you had any negative reactions.  All that worrying was for nothing.  You love your pacifier and your favorite toy is any kind of truck.  You love to push them on the floor…all boy.  This week we have sang “Happy Birthday” to you quite often.  You just light up and grin from ear to ear.
Well Sweetbaby, you’re a year old now. We love you so much; you and your brother are our life. We are so thankful for every moment with our little cowboys!  It’s been an unforgettable year and thank you for filling our lives with joy. Happy birthday baby boy!

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