Sunday, September 2, 2012

Heather & Paul's Engagement

Heather and Paul are engaged!  Heather is my husband’s cousin and over the years has become a dear friend of mine.  When she asked that I take her engagement pictures I was honored and nervous.  I wanted them to be exceptional for this darling couple.  We went out Tuesay evening and had so much fun.  Granny and Shalie (Heather’s sister) came along too.  They were great at helping me pose the couple and keeping up with our props.  It wasn’t hard to get great pictures of this gorgeous couple.  Congratulations Heather and Paul…we are so happy for you!!
You will notice that I officially have a watermark.  
Do you like it?! 

Hope you are having a relaxing labor day weekend.  
I'm obviously editing pictures :)



  1. You never cease to amaze me Kelly! I love the pictures! You are such a creative person. What a sweet looking couple they are very blessed to have such a talented person at their finger tips. I'm gonna have you take our family pictures! Lol!

  2. These pictures turned out gorgeous! I have a brilliant idea that I will call you about tomorrow!

  3. Great job Kelley! You are so talented! Love love it!!!

  4. I want to know where she got those boots! I'm in LOVE with them! The pics are awesome Kelley! You do a great job!

  5. I love your watermark and the photos are simply amazing. You are going to have to take pictures at Jakob's birthday this weekend. Looking forward to seeing yall.