Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cristen's Fall Photos

Cristen: our adopted daughter. our babysitter. our friend.
Cristen’s mom recently asked that I take pictures of her for their Christmas cards.  This afternoon the weather was perfect so while Tyler and Cristen’s father were grilling us dinner we took the opportunity to get some pictures taken.  Cristen is a natural and seriously we were out for about 20 minutes and got ALL these photos.  Cristen was a bit disappointed that it didn't take longer so I told her that we will take more in the near future.
I just love this girl and love that her parents encourage us to have a role in her life.  Just recently, I got to do her make-up and hair for her first dance!

So far we are having a great weekend.  Laura and I had a great four mile run this morning.  My sweet friend Lorena, that had moved away, stopped by and we had a great visit.  Then tonight we had a nice birthday dinner with the neighbors.  Hopefully tomorrow goes by a bit slower…I have a lot of things to get caught up on before Monday. 


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