Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September Birthdays

This past weekend was a whirlwind of fun.  We headed to Texas early Friday afternoon to attend my oldest nephew’s 11th birthday.  My sister threw a great pool party at her fabulous new home. Unfortunately, that evening a fall chill came in and made the idea of swimming a bit unbearable for us older folks but all the children had a blast.  
How is this little guy already 11?
Here is Jakob at the same age as Keeler.  I had never thought these two resemble one another but they definitely favor.  Jakob will always hold a special place in my heart.  He was the sweetest little baby and really the first baby I remember being around.  I was only a freshmen in college when he was born.   And since he was born in Minnesota, he was four months old before I met him.  I still remember like it was yesterday, in the airport and oh my, what a feeling when I first saw that chubby little baby spilling out of an umbrella stroller being pushed by my sweet sister.  I spent hours with him doing whatever to make him laugh and he loved his silly aunt.  He won my heart :).  Happy Birthday my favorite oldest nephew!!

Weekend Whoas 
(in pictures)
 I snapped this photo of my little cowboy on Saturday morning.  He was fussing all weekend because he wasn't feeling well.  {He really was sleeping standing up!!}  Unfortunately, we all ended up getting sick.  Everyone seems much better today except for baby Kal so I took him to the doctor this morning.  He got some antibiotics so hopefully he is better for his big birthday party on Saturday!!

 My sister & I walked in a diabetes walk on Saturday for her nephew Todd.  Samantha's birthday was yesterday so we also managed to sneak in a Sunday lunch to celebrate her before we left.  We still plan on having our birthday shopping day in the near future.  #gottalovebirthdayshopping

We got to meet this precious little nugget, baby Grady.  He is so sweet and so perfect.  Congratulations again Mark & Lydia!!

 We had dinner with the Smiths on Saturday evening to celebrate Shay's 30th birthday.  We learned that "" comes from the Crab Shack - who would have known?!  

   Ashley asked that I take some photos of Brynlee for her 1st birthday invitation so we took some before dinner on Saturday.   She is honestly a living doll. 

We also got to spend time with Tyler's grandparents from Idaho this weekend.  It was so great to see them.  And we celebrated one more birthday.  Tyler's sister Tiffany's birthday was on Monday.  We had a little cake with her on Sunday.  Okay, seriously no one in our family is allowed to have a birthday in September.  That's enough.

Have a great week!   


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  1. That seriously makes me want to cry! He has grown up too quickly. I love you and had a wonderful birthday. Cannot wait to see you tomorrow.