Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter 2013

We're back!  I can't believe I haven't manage to blog in so long but a lot has been keeping me busy.  But with that being said, I have a lot to blog about.
First and foremost, I have the best news to share, Kallahan had his echo-cardiogram and everything came back normal.  He was such a big boy through all the testing.  We are praising God for the great news and for our healthy happy little cowboys.  Thanks for all the prayers and concerns over the past few weeks! 
These three cowboys are my world!

The little cowboys and I went to Texas for Easter.  We missed Tyler being with us but he had to work since he knew our New Orleans vacation was only a few days away.  The little cowboys and I managed to have a great time!  On Wednesday as soon as we arrived Keeler asked if we could go to the mall to see the Easter bunny.  Aside from the depressed look on his face he did have a great time...he just didn't want his picture taken.
And you might ask, where is the Easter bunny?  Well, we just couldn't justify paying $21 for a Easter bunny photo so we settled on this for the memory books.  #worksforme  
On Thursday we went over to the preschool where my sister teaches to partake in their Easter party.  The kids had a blast!
On Friday my mom and sister took me on a special shopping get-away.  
I'll have to do another special post for that!  Stay tuned...

When we returned on Saturday we met back up with all the kids for a family egg hunt.  
Here are my boys with ALL their cousins.
Keeler was so competive and serious about his egg hunting this year...
Kal was fun to watch.  He wanted to open every egg he found and go ahead and start eating.
He might get this from his mommy :)
Bryon and Uncle Tim
Another cousin shot.  
Keeler - 'another picture really?  we have eggs to hunt people!' 
Kal - 'hmmmm, what yummy candy is in this egg?'
Then we did some egg dying.  It was the perfect day to do them outside. 
 And then to top the evening off my mom made me the perfect birthday treat - rice crispy treats!
 I love Keeler's face in this picture.  This kid loves a birthday!  

 And then on Easter Sunday my parents and I went to church.  Before we left my sister's precious family stopped by.  I had to take their picture...they looked so cute!
And since Keeler had spent the night with Mimi and Jimdad...
 here is my Easter family picture :( 
but soon we reunited with this little cowboy and had a great Easter Sunday celebration with both my parents and in-laws.  I didn't take any pictures because we were obviously too busy stuffing our faces with Mimi and Jimdad's delicious Easter meal.  



  1. Praise the Lord, your son is healthy! Looks like y'all had a great Easter! Cute outfit, btw.

    1. Praising the Lord indeed! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I'm glad Kal is doing okay! And the $21 for an Easter bunny photo???That's ridiculous and way too expensive!

    1. Thanks Anne! Yes, $21 - can you believe that?!