Friday, April 26, 2013

High Five for Friday

Linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday & 
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1// Highs Fives all around for almost completing two weeks of my wellness plan.  I set up a 30 day challenge for myself and the girls at work.  It's pretty simple: workout 30 minutes daily / 5 days a week, limit calories to 1200 daily plus I cut out any candy and pop.  The first week was easier than this week but I'm right on track. I'm using both these websites - dailymile and myfitnesspal to track my progress.  Click the links to find me.  I'd love you to join!  #gettinsummerfit      

2// I ran my first 5K as a 30 year old this past weekend.  My time was 30:09 - not too shabby.  My Junior Civic club hosted the race - a very successful GLOW RUN.  We had over 120 participants.  Check out our facebook page with race pictures here.   This picture is of my awesome coworkers that came out to support the race and run - "Team American Implement!" 
I didn't plan on running but after we got all the late registrations completed and we had timers in place I decided - why not?!  I can't fail to mention, both my in-laws raced and took home 1st place for female and 3rd for male. Highs Five to Mimi and Jim-dad!!  

3// Monday I got to spend the afternoon at home with my little cowboys.  Granny (their sitter) had an appointment and some errands to run.  It was my first time to actually take Keeler to school and pick him up like a regular stay-at-home-mom.  Typically when we are home on a weekday it's because he is sick and has to miss school.  I loved spending the time with them and especially rocking Kal for his afternoon nap but the day flew by and I didn't get to accomplish all that I thought I could with an afternoon off.  I did however make a meatloaf that I rarely make because they take so long.  The kids were testing me too so I was ready to get back to work on Tuesday.  I love my kids dearly but Highs Five to stay-at-home-moms.   

4// The weather here has been bi-polar lately.  Last weekend was gorgeous in the mid 70's but midweek the high was in the 30's.  The bright side was we had one last (well, hopefully the last) cozy fire.  High Five for roasting marshmallows towards the end of April!

5// And lastly High Five for Friday!  The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend.  My friend, Jill, and I are taking our boys to a local dinosaur exhibit but other than that we plan on being outside and soaking up the sun!  We have some yard work to do and the little cowboys have some playing to do!



  1. Your race looks SO FUN!!! They are doing a glow run in Chicago that I want to sign up for. And Oh my gosh girlfriend...17 miles in a week is AMAZING!! I have just been shooting for 10 a week lately and I am failing. Haha! Awesome job this week :-) THanks for linking up again!!

    1. The run was a blast! Thanks for the sweet comments.